Branch ~ Hydrate • Restore • Balance • Nourish



Uses: Moisture Lock, feed/deliver nutrients, conditioner, protector, illuminator and brightener.

Action: Benefit branch nutrition, helping to lock in dew benefits; deliver and essential moisture mineral complex, allowing your skin to circulate, flex and properly breath. Helps to re-educate the skin's ability to receive moisture from the atmosphere and protect against environmental stresses.

Ingredients: Essential micro and macro nutrients expressed and collected by hand from season to season. Traditionally matured into concentrated serums from: fruits, flowers, seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, semi-precious stones, minerals, mushrooms, probiotics, herbal extracts and essential nutrients.


Application of your Branch Serum  


Apply one pump of serum into palm of hand. Using other hand, gather a few drops of pure water and add to the serum, diluting the concentration and awakening ingredients.


Using fingertips apply the serum to the major zones of the face, then using more water drops if necessary, evenly spreading to all areas of face and neck. Allow full absorption and feel nourished.