Root ~ Detox • Clean • Purify • Nourish

Root ~ Detox • Clean • Purify • Nourish


Japanese 5-in-1 Root Cleanser

Uses: Daily Cleanser, Scrub, Exfoliant, Polisher, Mask

Action: Benefits root nutrition, hydrates, smoothes, balances, and cleans. Works to slough off old cells and activates the lymph promoting circulation and increases blood and Qi (energy) movement.

Ingredients: Rice sprouts, aloe, perilla extract oil, silk extracts, land vegetable fibers and extracts. Living fermentation process with plant probiotic/microbial support.


Application of Root Facial Cleanser


Steam face with a vessel full of hot water. Pour hot water into vessel over roses, chrysanthemums, or amacha tea for an enhanced experience. Or you may lay a hot, wet towel over face to steam. Both processes will open the pores - preparing the skin for cleansing of toxins and debris, receiving nourishment and hydration.


Use a utensil to retrieve dime size amount of Root Cleanser and apply to palm of hand. Root Cleanser is a living fermentation, offering plant probiotic and microbial support, it is important not to contaminate the cleanser container.


Sprinkle a few drops of water into the cleanser in hand. Work into a thinner, wet paste.

scrub application.jpg

Apply cleanser to the major zones of the face, then gently working it into all areas of the face and neck. Use fingers to massage the skin, exfoliating and increasing Qi circulation to the surface. To remove cleanser, use moist towel to continue exfoliation while removing cleanser. Pat dry with a clean towel.

To use as mask, follow all instructions - leaving the cleanser for elapsed time before removal. With time, cleanser becomes soft mask offering extended nutrition, hydration, and probiotic and microbial support.