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Root Stem & Branch is distributed exclusively by

This face care line is hand-crafted with care in small batches using traditional preparation techniques, we are only able to accept and serve up to 75 face care clients per month. 

Application: In order to purchase Root Stem & Branch, click the button below.

Once approved, your account will be activated so that you will have access to the face and body care line via Shenblossom as a private member. 

If you click on the button below and the site mentions that all the spots are full, please sign up to the email list on that page so you will be notified if openings become available. 

There are no monthly fees or obligations should you become approved and start purchasing Root Stem & Branch through the Shen Blossom site. People who find benefit in these offerings tend to use them with consistency as skin nourishment. We limit the clients we take on so we are able to provide a unique product, experience, and education. 

We keep it small so the quality and the integrity of the product is maximized. We customize and change aspects of the formulas in harmony with the seasons and what is fresh, vibrant, and abundant in nature to harmonize your body with the external environment.  

All of the botanicals and gemstones are selected for their healing qualities and are skillfully transformed using generational knowledge of Chinese Medicine Herbal formulation. All ingredients used in Root Stem & Branch are free from manmade/synthetic chemicals and are wildcrafted.

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