Stem Facial Mist ~ Tone • Renew • Deliver • Nourish

Stem Facial Mist ~ Tone • Renew • Deliver • Nourish


Dew Deep Moisture Renewal

Uses: Humetic, toner, balancer, sculptor, matt finisher

Action: Benifits stem nutrition, deeply moisturize, tighten, lift and support collagen, activate skin renewal, help balance PH and zone conditions of excess and deficiency, smooth and soften skin.

Ingredients: First response healing using vital fluids that protect damage to plant cell walls: the sap collected from gourds, Japanese cucumbers, vine vegetables, fruits, extracts of seaweed, gold, wild asparagus root, ginseng, honey, flower petals - gravity pulled and suspended after micro-nutrient fermentation process.


Application of your Stem Dew Moisture Renewal


Spray 1/4 pump to the four major parts of face - forehead, both cheeks and chin. 


Dampen finger tips in pure water and evenly spread dew over face. Touch as minimally as possible. Allow absorption until face is dry.